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Somewhere George RR Martin is snapping in Z formation.

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Considering to buy galaxy note 4 because of the advertisement.

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can i hug you like woo bin did ? [x]

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Official photos from Jongsuk’s Seoul fanmeet
cr:Wellmade Staff Story

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14.09.14 - Kim WooBin’s surprise appearance during Lee JongSuk’s fanmeeting. Since September 14 was also Jongsuk’s birthday, fans chanted ‘happy birthday’ to him and Woobin even fed him some of the cake. The surprise visit brought Jongsuk to tears.

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TTS Holler Teaser Pictures (Seohyun)

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Exo on Facebook - Chapter 5.5

Pertaining to poor impersonations and unresolved marital tensions.

(Chapter 1)

(Chapter 2)

(Chapter 3)

(Chapter 3.5)

(Chapter 4)

(Chapter 5)

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This little rant described the way I look at religion perfectly.

ESPECIALLY what she said in the last two photos 

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Respect him so Much

Tupac talking more sense than half the politicians

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